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This is the Herschel Walker Complete BODY-WEIGHT Training Program

5 basic bodyweight exercises: Pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, squats and sprints.


·         Regular Push ups – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible

·         Wide Pushups – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible

·         Narrow Pushups – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible

·         Diamond Pushups – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible

As you get stronger add more reps or more challenging push up variation


·         #1,2 SIT ups – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible

·         #3,4 SITups – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible

·         #5,6 SIThups – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible

·         #7,8 SITups – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible

 A strong core is essential for any athlete. ab muscles create balance and power.

#1. Diagonal or cross sit ups

Touch your elbow to the opposite knee each rep.

Alternate left elbow to right knee, and right elbow to left knee each rep. This twisting motion really works your obliques.

Touching your elbows to knees ensure you’re squeezing your ab muscles.

#2. Feet Up on a Bench Sit Ups

Lay on your back and put your heels up on a bench so your knees are relaxed at a 90 degree angle.

Use your ab muscles to lift your torso up as high as you can. try to ‘kiss your knees’, by bringing your face as close to your knees as possible.

#3. Legs Extended Sit ups

Fully extend your legs and keep your heels on the ground as you lift your torso off the ground into an upright position.

#4. Side Crunches

Lay on your side and use your oblique muscles to lift your torso up sideways.

#5. Legs Fully Extended and then retract knees to chest

Lay flat on your back on the floor, hands behind your head.

Bring your bent knees and elbows together moving them both at the same time so the touch in the middle, then return to the straight position.

#6. Toe touch Sit ups

Keep your heels on the ground and lift all the way up and forward and try to touch your toes each rep.

#7. Ab Jacks

Keep your legs straight and lift then vertically try to touch your hands to you toes while your legs and arms are pointing straight up to the sky.

#8. Crunch Wraps

No, not Taco Bell crunch wraps (don’t get any ideas), I’m talking about bringing your knees to your chest and wrapping your arms around your shins, ‘crunching’ your ab muscles.


Pull-ups and chin-ups.

Both pull ups and chin ups are great exercises for your back, shoulders and arms.

Pull-ups are done with a supinated grip (palms facing you, or ‘underhand’ grip). Pull ups target your biceps and middle back muscles more than a chin up.

Chin-ups are done with a pronated grip (palms facing away from your body, or ‘overhand’ grip). Chin ups target your forearms, shoulder and lats, more than a pull up.

By rotating your grip you get unique benefits.

The pull up variations below can also be performed chin up style.

#1. Assisted Pull-up with a Machine, Power Band or Chair

Use an assisted pull ups machine, power band or chair as a “spotter” to help you get used to performing pull ups.

With a chair you spot yourself by resting your legs on it and pushing against it just enough to help you lift yourself to the bar. Make sure the chair is sturdy and make sure you push down on it and not forward or back because it could tip over.

#2. Regular Pull ups

The good ol’ pull up. A staple of all great back workouts.

#3. Wide-Grip Pull ups

Grip the pull up bar as wide as you can and crank out as many pull ups as you can. This is the best way to build a big back, wide back.

#4. Pull ups to the Sternum

Straight from Vince GiRonda’s toolset. Pull ups to the sternum are challenging because you pull your chest to the pull up bar.

You get a great squeeze in your lats and middle back muscles with sternum pull-ups.

#5. One-Arm Pull ups

One arm pull ups work best underhand. There is no better bicep building exercises than one arm pull ups.

#6. Narrow grip pull ups

Place your hands close together. You can have them touching or inside shoulder width, both are considered narrow.

#7. Alternate Grip, or Mixed-Grip Pull ups

You grip the pull up bar over hand on one side and under hand on the other.

This is a great way to train one-handed pull ups or focus on training one side at a time.

·         #1,2 PULL ups – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible

·         #3,4 PULL ups – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible

·         #5,6 PULL ups – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible

·         #7  PULL ups – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible



Body Squats Variation

#1. Regular Body Squats

Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. put your hands behind your head and drop you butt down as low as you can. keep a straight back and then push yourself back up.

#2. Pistol Squats

Stand on one foot and stick one leg straight out in front of you and squat down with one leg. You can hold your arms out from for balance.

·         #1 Squats – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible

·         #2 Squats – 25 total reps in as few sets as possible



#1. Sprints

Varied distances at high intensity. Sprint as hard as you can for as long as you can.

#2. Sprints up hill

Add some elevation to your sprints. Sprinting up hill makes things 10x more challenging.

#3. Sprints with added Resistance

Tie one end of a rope around your waist and the other end around an old tire. then go run in a field. The added resistance will build legs muscles.

A weight sled or parachute harness also works for added resistance.

The Ultimate GOAL for this Routine:

·         Pushups – 100 reps in as few sets as possible

·         Pull ups – 50 reps in as few sets as possible

·         Situps – 100 reps in as few sets as possible

·         Body Squats – 150 reps in as few sets as possible

·         Sprints – 10, 40-yard sprints as fast as possible

This is a total body workout. It’s simple, extremely effective and can be done anywhere.

Every other day, add five reps to each exercise and one more sprint.


June  2018 Work out

Full 35 minute workout!!! If you don't have access to a treadmill you can run intervals


0-2                    5/1                          Easy Jog

2-4                    6/1                          Up to a Run

4-7                    7/3                          Run Hard, breathe stead

7-8                    5/1                          Recover with a jog

8-9                    1/1                          Walking lunges on the treadmill

9-10                  7/6                          Pump arms on the incline

10-11                5/1                          Recover with a jog

11-12                1/1                          Walking lunges on the treadmill

12-13                7/1                          Run; get ready to take off

13-14                All out/1                  Sprint

14-15                5/1                          Recover with a jog


24-25                6/9                          Lean forward, dig into incline

25-26                5/1                          Recover with a jog

26-27                1/1                          Walking lunges on the treadmill

27-28                6/12                        Push off toes to get up the hill

28-29                5/1                          Return to light jog

29-30                1/1                          Walking lunges on the treadmill

30-31                7/1                          Run; get ready to take off

31-32                All out/1                  Sprint

32-33                5/1                          Recover with a jog

33-35                3/1                          Recovery walk


Game schedule


Southside Cats




@ UA


vs CSD (H)


vs TJCA (H)


@ Pine Lake




vs St. Mark (H)






316 Cats Middle School Football League

Cats Middle School Football League

Welcome to 316 Sports Cats Middle School Tackle Football:

Boys Ages 12-14

For boys in 6-8th grade.  Cannot be over 14 years old until after Aug 1 however must still be in 8th grade.

Practices will be at Matthews Sports Plex 6:00-8:00pm
Home Games are played at Mara Fields in Matthews

Summer workouts will be posted on the website
August 1st Practice begins
Games begin around August 16th. Games are Thursdays, approximately 5:30pm

Robert Burchfield is the headcoach and will have 4 additional coaches.

Cost is $350 until June 8th
$375 until June 15
$400 after June 15th

Birth certificate
validation of health insurance
physical within the last year
Concussion protocol test will be administered

Parent responsibility:
Socks, Cleats, Practice Jersey, Chin Strap, Mouth Piece, and Practice pants

Ages 12-14

Registration closes on 09/09/2018 at 01:00 PM
Season Dates: 07/30/2018 to 10/27/2018
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